A Life to Remember, Not Mourn

A Life to Remember, Not Mourn

Today we celebrate the life of Danielle. She was born September 9, 1978 in Sturgis, MI.  At the young age of two, her father got smart and moved her and her younger sister to the great state of Texas, which she would call home until her death.

As a child, Danielle was always labeled as the smart one of her and her sister, achieving academic excellence at an early age and continuing that strive for education throughout her life. Though most of you only know her as an adult, Danielle had a rare physical deformity where her lower jaw was extended further than her upper jaw.  This tormented Danielle for years.  The infectious smile she shared with every person worthy, was indeed a surgically enhanced one.  This was a meaningful and significant transformation in her life and it beamed like the sunshine rays seep into earth to fill them with warmth.

Throughout her young years and academic achievement, Danielle always had a drive to serve her country the way her father and other family had so she enlisted in the United States Navy to be sent off only months after she graduated high school.  Throughout her time in the service, she exuded a pride that was equal to the true definition of Patriotism and loved her service to her country.

At a very young age, she had a beautiful daughter which she named Iris.  She loved Iris like there was no tomorrow.  Despite the fact that Iris did not have the same physical features as Danielle, to speak  to them would make you believe it was the same person.  Iris was her true passion in life.  Everyday, she wanted nothing more than for her daughter to be happy and to learn the necessary lessons of life.  Danielle always said that being a parent was the most fulfilling and rewarding gift she ever could have been granted.  It showed between she and her daughter.  To see the love they shared was a testament of a bond stronger than steel.

As Danielle grew and learned emotionally as a person, she became a foundation for her friends to lean on with her steadfast loyalty and constant consideration for their needs.  As any other person, she had her down times but, she never failed to put others needs in front of their own when it was necessary.  Though she had many friends in life, she had only a few close ones that she really relied on.  This was only because she did not want to burden anyone with her personal troubles.  To all, she was a beacon of light and energy that was infectious.  To a closer few, she was strength, love, faith, hope, and loyalty.

Everyone that she touched with her wisdom, light and smile seemed to benefit as she knew few enemies.  To Danielle, life was not about harboring anger, it was about living in the moment and taking each day as a new one.

She always managed to keep herself busy with life and her favorite saying was, “ I will sleep when I’m dead!”  No matter how well you knew her, close or an acquaintance, she would say to you now, “Stop that crying and go have a beer, you’re not dead yet!  Enjoy!”


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